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Satellite TV Info

Dish Network Information For Satellite TV


Dish Network is a brand name of EchoStar and has been very competitive in the Satellite television market of the USA since it first stared broadcasting to customers in March 1996. Its first Satellite was launched in China in December 2005 and was called "EchoStar I". In 2003, the ninth satellite was launched, suitably called "EchoStar IX". This satellite was the first to have commericial Ka-band payload for broadband service across the USA. In February 2005, EchoStar launched "EchoStar X" making the total satellites 10.

In July 2006 Dish Network reached 10,000 subscribers, which was the fastest of any DBS television service. By the end of 1997 Dish Network had over 1 million subscribers and it surpassed 12 million customers by April 2006. So there certainly has been rapid growth in the number of Dish Network customers since it began. Competitive prices, a large variety of programs to choose from and the surge in Satellite TV compared to Cable TV has been the main influences of this rapid growth. J.D Power and Associates have regularly ranked dish Network number #1 in Customer Satisfaction among Satellite/Cable subscribers. Of recent times, the American Customer Satisfaction Index (ACSI) ranked Dish Network first among all pay-TV providers.

If you are looking for the lowest all-digital TV price in America, then Dish Network is probably for you. Below are some of the satellite providers for Dish Network satellite TV.

Dish Network
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